The optimal utilisation of solar energy with sophisticated technology and minimal effort for the sake of the planet and people alike.

Solvis's history is quickly told. It starts in the early '80s. Just after the first oil crisis had been overcome, and as the "Nuclear Power? No Thanks" movement reached its peak, a highly motivated team of engineers with a distinct bias for perfection came together. They wanted to "exploit" the sun, not improve the world. 

Even back then, every child knew that the sun was our planet's biggest source of energy. So we started with what were standard solar energy systems, and astonished the experts. 

In 1988, we produced the first thermal collector panels with a unique coating and significantly higher performance. After that, one innovation followed another, and the patents stacked up. 

Solvis products advanced to become energy-efficient champions and brought home one environmental prize after the other



  • Solvis Energiesysteme GmbH is founded as an employee-led company.
  • Presentation of the first series of flat-plate collectors at the Hannover Messe (Hannover Trade Fair).



  • Restructured into Solvis Solarsysteme GmbH, responsible for research, development and production, and Solvis Energiesysteme GmbH & Co KG as participation model, responsible for sales and marketing.



  • Production of the SolvisIntegral stratified solar storage tank series begins.
  • Market launch of low-flow solar technology and entry into the field of heating technology.  



  • Market launch of the SolvisMax Gas solar hydronic boiler.



  • SolvisMax is awarded the solar energy prize by the German section of the International Solar Energy Society, “for an outstanding technical solar power product”.
  • Solvis wins the Lower Saxony Environmental Prize for exemplary commitment to climate protection.  



  • SolvisLuna evacuated tube collector is added to the product range.



  • Presentation of the technically optimised storage tank and solar hydronic boiler in the new design.  



  • Production begins on the new series; SolvisCala compact collector, SolvisPico photovoltaic systems and the SolvisMax Oil solar hydronic boiler.
  • Innovation prize for architecture and technology for the zero-emission factory concept.  



  • SolvisLino pellet heat boiler is added to the product range.
  • Merging of the production and sales companies to form SOLVIS GmbH & Co KG.
  • Opening of Europe's largest zero-emission factory.
  • Awarded the European Solar Prize for the zero-emission factory.  



  • The completely revised product range is revealed, which includes the new SolvisZentro central solar energy system.
  • Architecture & Technology Award for the zero-emission factory is awarded to the architects and planners in the building technology department.
  • Energy Globe, World award for sustainability given to Solvis as an excellent example of an environmentally-conscious industrial company.  



  • Market launch of the SolvisMax Future and SolvisMax Pure modular system.
  • Production of the SolvisMax solar hydronic boiler as an oil condensing system begins.
  • Presentation of the power roof: solar modules and collectors are combined as a single unit.
  • The SolvisVital fresh water station is added to the range of large solar systems.
  • Collaboration with VW on the construction of a photovoltaic petrol station for fuel cells.  



  • Presentation of power roof with new monocrystalline high-performance modules.
  • Solvis and VW sign a declaration of intent for the common development of a fuel cell.
  • Acquisition of ALSO GmbH – with meander heating manufacturing for producing absorbers as a 100% subsidiary.  



  • Absorber production is expanded by means of a modern laser welding machine.



  • B.A.U.M Environmental Prize for the successful and sustainable commitment to environmental protection.
  • Presentation of the heat pump for the SolvisMax solar hydronic boiler.
  • A second laser welding machine makes Solvis the leading producer of absorbers in Europe.
  • Start of a building extension over approximate 5.600 m² with the same energy concept. 


  • Award to the zero-emission factory as the most energy-efficient trade building of the estate of Germany. Energy Certificate after the German “Energy Saving Regulation 2007”.
  • Solvis is at the forefront of technological progress in the European Market.
    38 employees hold stakes in the company as shareholders.


  • Opening ceremony for the building expansion and the startup of a new automated collector production plant with robotics
    Three absorber production systems with a total capacity of up to 500,000 m2 are in operation thanks to a new laser welding system.
  •  SolvisFera flat-plate collectors and SolvisMax Gas are Stiftung Warentest award winners. 


  • The SolvisMax Gas solar heating system and flat-plate collectors are Ökotest award winners. 
  • “Sistemas Energeticos SOLVIS Iberica S.L.” is founded as a subsidiary in Spain.
  • The Prize for “Exceptional Cooperation” from the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaften und Werkstätten für behinderte Menschen Niedersachsen/Bremen (Regional Working Groups and Workshops for People with Disabilities in Lower Saxony and Bremen) for exemplary commitment to occupational participation for people with disabilities.
  • Solar Heating and Cooling solar prize as a pioneer in market development for solar heating systems with a sustainable and holistic business model.


  • Expansion of the SolvisMax solar heating system to include a module for local and district heating.
  • Cooperation with Miele to analyze the energy savings made possible by combining a solar laundry dryer with a Solvis solar heating system.


  • 35 employees hold stakes in the company as shareholders.
  • Market launch of the SolvisLino 3 pellet boiler.



  • Launch of the Air / Water Heat Pump SolvisVaero 
  • 25 years anniversary of Solvis and 15 years of SolvisMax solar heating system
  • GreenTec Award for the joint project "Tumble dryer with solar heat" Solvis and Miele


  • Geothermal / Water Heat Pump SolvisMax 6 kW is the winner of a comparison test with 65 heat pump systems
  • Launch of the Geothermal / Water Heat Pump SolvisTeo 10/16 kW